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-=====DroidScript Tips and Tricks=====  +======DroidScript Tips and Tricks======  
-This is the tips_tricks namespace.+Here you can write some little things you've find out to work better with DroidScript.
 ====Links==== ====Links====
-[[tip_its_javascript|Tip - you are using JavaScript]]+  * [[tip_its_javascript|Tip - you are using JavaScript]]\\ 
 +  * [[tips_tricks:​callback_as_string|Callback as String]]\\ 
 +  * [[tips_tricks:​full_screen|Full screen mode]]\\ 
 +  * [[tips_tricks:​webview_navigate|How can I navigate in a webview?​]]\\ 
 +  * [[tips_tricks:​menubutton|Pretend your device has a Menu button]]\\ 
 +  * [[tips_tricks:​seekbar_setontouchup|Seekbar SetOnTouchUp]] - A Workaround for a method like this  
 +  * [[tips_tricks:​toggle_visibility|Toggle Visibility]] of a layout or control\\ 
 +  * [[tips_tricks:​mirror_image|Mirror an image]] (flip) easy\\ 
 +  * [[tips_tricks:​AutoBoot|Autoboot]] Make your apps automatically start on reboot
 ---- ----
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